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About this Parenting book:

“A Loving Family” features bestselling parenting authors.  They cover the most important aspects of raising children, including:

  • The wonder of childhood:
    ritual, story, play and the prevalence of electronic media
  • Giving yourself a break:
    meeting parent’s and children’s needs
  • Maintaining closeness as your children grow older:
    active listening
  • Healthy discipline:
    good discipline makes for good times
  • It takes a village:
    connecting with other parents
  • The great outdoors:
    simplified lifestyles makes parenting easier

All ten respected parenting book authors share passion for these key points about raising children.  “A Loving Family” is packed with practical and inspiring parenting tips I wouldn’t live without.

The authors each specialise in an area of parenting:

Susan Perrow describes how stories and metaphors can help improve challenging behaviours, and she’s included a couple of her stories as examples.  Sura Hart teaches parents how to bring non-violent communication into parent-child relationships (and in fact parent to parent).  Thomas Phelan explains in detail how, when and why to count to three.  He says, “Counting is simple, but not easy…Having a good discipline strategy in place means parents avoid a common chain of events that I call the ‘Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit Syndrome.  Not all parents make it to ‘hit’, but most if not all, reach ‘yell.”

As you can see, each author has a lot to offer every parent, and it’s all available within one book.  Register your interest to buy the book here.