Robin Barker

Robin Barker’s trademark honesty and frankness, combined with 30 years experience as a midwife and parentcraft nurse, have earned her a place in Australian household parenting names.

The parenting bible Baby Love and Barker’s following publications are the result of countless hours spent one-on-one with parents discussing breastfeeding, crying, sleep hassles, strange habits in normal babies and, of course, the inevitable poo.  Barker’s other popular books include Australian Baby and Toddler MealsThe Mighty Toddler, and the Baby Love Guide to SleepingFeedingCrying; and The First Three Months.  She is an ocean swimmer, an avid reader of great literature, a mother and grandmother.

An excerpt from Robin Barker’s chapter of “A Loving Family”, and a sample of her interview with the author is coming soon!

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