Marissa Treichel

Marissa has worked with children and parents for all of her working and student life.  She has worked in childcare centres, preschools and high schools, refuges for children and women escaping domestic violence, coordinating skateboarding competitions and dance festivals and as a parent of two small children.  Marissa also works as a contemporary dancer and choreographer.

Early in her parenting journey Marissa noticed she was attracted to parenting experts from wildly different child rearing fields: Robin Grille and Thomas Phelan both had excellent, and very different parenting advice.

What Marissa loved about reading from such different parenting authors, is that it gave her a sense of perspective, as well as peace of mind.  She wanted to share this wonderful sense of perspective with other parents, and so created “A Loving Family”.  “A Loving Family” contains vital parenting information from ten selected bestselling parenting experts, all from a wide range of backgrounds.  The authors generously shared their rich knowledge on raising kids, giving many specific tips on how to enrich family life.

From the “Loving Family” fence top, similarities between parenting approaches can be appreciated.  Every author discusses the adage that, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Marissa agrees too:  “Caring for children should be as pleasurable as possible.  The wonder of childhood is contagious, but it can only be “caught” when parents feel supported and fulfilled in other areas of their life.”

Marissa sponsors a child through Plan, and follows their work supporting children in developing countries.  She’s keen to promote their inspiring and much needed work, and is donating 5% percent of sales from “A Loving Family” to the organisation.

As you read “A Loving Family”, aim to keep your mind open, tempered by your own parenting wisdom.  Take what makes sense to you from each of the parenting authors, and celebrate being the expert in your family’s life.